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Anne-Marie from Middlesbrough

I work in Stockton and get the bus from the high street to Middlesbrough most days. I had been making this journey for a few months when I one afternoon after work, I noticed a girl at the bus stop who who looked a similar age to me. We shared a joke over something that was happening in the high street and I didn't think much of it. The next day I saw her at the bus station again and we said hi and started chatting. Then whenever we were on the same bus we would sit together and I also became friends with her workmate who often got the same bus. Now we go out for tea and for nights out and everyone knows about my lovely 'bus friends' and we've even talked about going on holiday later in the year! So glad I decided to get the bus and not drive!

Kath from Darlington

I moved to a new city and a new job in August and from September I decided to try walking to work. I immediately noticed the difference in how I felt when I arrived; I was much more alert and ready to start the day. The walk takes about 35 minutes each way and I often get there earlier now as I'm not at the mercy of traffic and unexpected delays. It's good to know that when I'm walking my journey time is always going to be the same.

I really look forward to the walk at the end of the day too as it gives me time to unwind, free from all other distractions. It's also a good opportunity to put some of the money I've saved on travel to good use in the shops I pass on my way home!

Getting to know the new areas I live and work in has been much easier by foot, although I haven't had to seek out a new gym as just by walking to and from work every day I managed to lose 20lbs in four months and have kept it off (so far!). I'm looking forward to the summer months and hopefully catching a tan en route too.

Steph from Darlington

I've walked to nursery, primary school, secondary school, and college, I've walked all my life and it's the best way to start the morning! Wake you up and give you some exercise before I start the day. It's fabulous!

Pete from Barnard Castle

I have a 15 to 20 min walk to my place of work, I leave my house, take in the views of Teesdale and the the Stang forest, cross the quiet village road where the public right of way begins which I follow over a stile, through two gates, crossing four fields until I drop down onto the old railway line, over another stile, under a stone arched bridge, through trees direct to work, I've seen deer, owls, rabbits and hedgehogs... and always sheep and a variety of birds. I'm very lucky to have this on my doorstep, the only problem I have found is, I don't use my motorbike as much anymore, but I'll think of a way!

John from Durham

I started cycling to work after I bought a cycle on the salary sacrifice scheme. Initially I would cycle one day a week, however it got to the point where I was cycling more than driving. As a result I ended up selling my car and I now cycle every day. I cycle on average 120 miles a week to and from work.

Cycling to work has no doubt saved me thousands of pounds. I also feel relaxed after cycling and the health benefits are a by product. I would recommend it to anybody - you don't have to cycle every day but once you start you may be surprised to find it is quite addictive.

Fiona from Middlesbrough

I remember I was about 16, travelling on the bus to my first Saturday job and I chose to sit on one of the bench seats that face each other across the back of the bus, I put my hand on what I thought was the arm of the bench seat and to my absolute embarrassment I had put it on a man's knee. I was thoroughly embarrassed but it didn't put me off getting the bus again!

Georgina from Eaglescliffe

I get the train to work from Eaglescliffe to Darlington, and I always try and get a seat where I can see the sun rising over the Cleveland Hills. It's an amazing view. I also like looking out for wildlife from the train. I've seen dozens of rabbits and even the odd fox! I love my commute and even when I have the car to use, I choose to leave it a home.

Barbara from Darlington

Once a week I get the train to and from work - half an hour each way and it's my 'reading time' - the only time I get to myself during the week to read a book without interruption of busy family life. Just lovely!

Lynda from Howden-le-Wear

A lady once got on train dressed as Mrs doubt fire type clothes to surprise her friends to go to Skegness for her own 50th party, I saw her inform the conductor about she was going to surprise her friends on the train who didn't even though she was getting on. It was brilliant, funny and such a laugh to see!

Jake from Norton

I come into Middlesbrough from Norton as I am studying welding at college. I enjoy having time to use my phone on the bus.

Lorraine from Darlington

When the weather was good last year I was on a walking campaign, from Cummins engines to Middleton St George. I was almost home, when my daughter passed me on her way home, when I saw a lady who had mobility issues trying to get on a bus. I went to help her on and as she had problems getting to her seat I ended up on the bus with her. I then had to stay on the bus until the lady got to her stop - helped her off and to her home. The bus driver was great and waited on me, I got back on the bus until I got nearer my home and had a choice of waiting on the bus until it next went my route or getting dropped off and walking again. I decided on the latter ... my daughter could not understand how it took me 30 minutes to walk 200 yards ...

Philip from Durham

I have been cycling to work from Durham to Hartlepool most days for a few years now. It's quite a long ride, cumulatively over 20,000 so far, and involves some steepish hills too. I have done it in all weathers and it's sometimes a bit daunting to go out in the dark and wet into a head wind again - but I wouldn't swap it - the joys far outweigh anything else - from the obvious benefits of fitness and saving money to the stars on a clear winter night and the warm days of summer. Get a bike - it's the only way to travel.

Felicity from Darlington

I love my walk to work, its my 'me time' once I've dropped the children off at nursery. Its sometimes (mostly) a rush but I make sure that when I'm not rushing I treat myself to a hot chocolate to celebrate getting everyone to where they need to be on time!

Jonathan from York

I really enjoy the 30 minute oasis of calm I get on the train. I feel myself destressing after a long days work. We pass through some beautiful countryside and I occasionally glimpse Kestrels and deer.

Christine from Darlington

I travel to Newcastle everyday. I have met some interesting people. I have just listened to an academic journal (I'm a lecturer) and did not have the headphones pushed in properly - how embarrassing!!

My son lives in London so I get to travel to see him fairly frequently which is great.

Chris from Saltburn

I try and use the train from Saltburn to my office at the Tees Barrage as often as I can and have spotted lots of wildlife from the windows including a barn owl hunting over rough grassland near South Bank, a short eared owl quartering Coatham Marsh, a kingfisher perched patiently on a metal rail near the Lackenby Works and a hare in the fields close to Saltburn.

Little egrets, roe deer, red legged partridge and moorhen have also been spotted, sometimes in the most unexpected of places. As the days lengthen and, the song thrushes start singing in the morning on my walk from the train station to the barrage, I'm hoping to add more species to my daily commute list!

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